Fridge Box Package Deal $2390

This is our new fridge box kitchen. Which can be made in either a DPO or DPOR version. This setup shows the new companion high output/low pressure stove, with our new collapsible tubs, which makes a really nice package.

(Note: Price does not include fridge or stove (stoves and tubs come now in blue colour)

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This is our new fridge box kitchen. Which can be made in either a DPO (pictured here) or DPOR version (pictured further down). It has an evakool fridge in the back section of the kitchen. This setup shows the companion high outout, low pressure stove with our new collapsible tubs, which makes a really nice package.

It has three drawers, the DPO with push button latches, the handpump and the plastic tubs, and the stove area.. this combination of handpump and tubs, set down into the stove height, is always the most practical of any sink setup on the market.. the sink is in the middle, with lots of benchspace either side, so you can actually use it.. the fridge is still easily accessible, and the evakool 60 ltr is a good size. The ARB 60 is the only other fridge that can be used in this setup. The waeco and engel are just too wide.. also, you need a min height of about 490mm opening height for this to work.. also, see how the fridge motor has to be at the back of the kitchen. This is important. If it’s a passenger side kitchen, then the motor needs to be reversed (because of the way the lid hinges on the fridge) Evakool can alter this for us, at no extra cost, also they can cut the lid down in height slightly, allowing for a lower height trailer..

Kitchen Support Leg03Kitchen Support Leg05

See here for a Kitchen Support Leg. A useful adjustable support for long fridge kitchens. 

See how the storage box can be left out about 500 mm, you can still easily access the fridge, but you can then also use the top of the storage box for bench space.. this makes a really handy practical kitchen, you literally have bench space all round you, with lots of drawers.. nothing on the market comes close to the practicality of this kitchen, even with the top of the range expensive campers.. the storage box can still always be pulled out to access the space behind.. remember this setup you never have to lift up the bedbase.

And in our new black stainless look, this is a really modern flash looking kitchen.. see the legs on the pic above right, we have used a spring clip with holes in the leg, so with the longer kitchen, and added weight, the legs will lock in place.
So this kitchen is the full length of the trailer. The storage box is the same. We’d need to know the width, length and height of the trailer, also if the kitchen will sit on the drivers side or passenger side.. the kitchen plus storage box are $2390.. this includes this stainless version, and you can have a return style kitchen also, for the same price. The stove shown here, a companion low pressure, high output, is the best stove currently available for camping trailers I think.  


We can also put the return on the fridge box kitchen, for the same price.. so yeah if you wanted this setup, it would be called DPOR Fridge box package deal… just need to know left or right, dimensions of the trailer, and if you need the fridge of us or not.. e-mail if you are interested or have any questions.. ta luke

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or in the timber version.. so this is a DPOR RHS FB PD… drifta pull out with return, right hand side, fridge box package deal. In timber version.. bit of a mouthful, but describes it , and if you can think of a better name, let me know :-) …

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