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Pull Out Kitchen Stoppa $32 – used to prevent the DPOR or DPO kitchen from being pulled out too far… also for the fridge box kitchens

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This small kit is designed for us with the DPO or DPOR kitchens… we have been making them the same way for 13 years, in that they pull out of the trailer on the legs, but leave about 150 mm still sitting on the trailer.. many people have wanted to freestand the kitchen at times, so this system has worked well.. the downside, is if you pulled it out too far, it will fall on the ground.. this has happened a to a few people, it won’t damage the kitchen, but better if it doesn’t happen.. so, this is the kit i have come up with.. drill a hole in the top of the kitchen, about 100 mm back. tap the captured nut in from underneath, attach the tie down point with the stainless bolt. The other tie down point, attaches to underneath the bedbase (ply, use the 25 mm chipboard screw) or the steel support ( use the short metal thread) about 500 mm back from the drawer bar end of the trailer .. tie one end of about 1.8 meters of the paracoard (cut ,and burn the end) to this TDP, the other end can tie onto the S-biner.. adjust it to the correct length, wrap around a few times so it won’t slip, and then clip it on.. we have used a S-biner, so you can unclip it, and pull the kitchen out if needed… the para cord is very strong, won’t stretch, and light enough to not get in the way when the kitchen is pushed away.. also, it’s very handy stuff to have, so the price includes a full packet of the paracoard, you’ll only need a small amount, so you can use the rest for other things…. let me know if you’d like a set with your new/ existing kitchen, or if you have any questions.. ta luke

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